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Meet your baby expert, Sade.

I became a doula because I saw the need for support and education for new mothers to be. I was able to have a positive birth experience, because I had a wonderful birth partner and support team. It took a lot of education and preparation to overcome my fears associated with childbirth, but I DID IT! And so can you! 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with many families as a nanny, while studying Child Development and Counseling at Texas Woman’s University. During this time I’ve learned to help families understand their child’s needs and how to feel more confident in their abilities to parent effectively. 


Now I’m a mother to my own beautiful boy, a wife to a supportive husband, a dog mom to an active maltipoo, and I get to do what I love every single day --helping new mothers just like you. 

My experience has really prepared me to be able to serve new mothers and their families as they transition into motherhood. So let's talk more about how I can support you...

Smiling Baby

How I can support you.

Helping you Transition into Motherhood

The goal is to support new and expecting moms during the prenatal and postpartum journey. Many moms miss out on amazing opportunities to bond and connect with their baby because they aren't educated and informed about important breastfeeding feeding and infant care practices, or they are so consumed with other elements of motherhood they aren't able to fully embrace the bonding experience. 

I not only partner with mom but I also work with the entire family to ensure baby is getting the most nutritional value from human milk. After working together to create a plan specifically for your family, you'll feel more confident and empowered to breastfeed for as long as you'd like. If you decide nursing is not right for you, that's okay too. We can explore alternatives to keep both you and baby happy and healthy. 

Most new parents try and prepare for childbirth, but not many parents educate themselves and prepare for what's to come during the postpartum period. I offer my families educational courses to help ease your mind and prepare you and your birth partner for what to expect during and after labor. 

  Why Hire Support?


Having access to accurate and current information is super important, and it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to raising a happy and healthy baby. The more you know about breastfeeding, childbirth, and the postpartum journey the more confident you and your family will feel about decision making. 

The pregnancy and postpartum stage should be about bonding, healing, and recovery. Many moms aren't able to do that because they are so focused on household duties, work, or other daily tasks that need to be completed. As your doula I assist with completing those daunting tasks that new parents shouldn't be bothered with, so that they are able to enjoy their first few weeks getting to know their new baby. 

I don't only educate mothers, but I also partner with the family as well so that they can help support mom in the wonderful years to come. 

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